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Treebraids, fingerless gloves, African hair braiding, contemporary African art, fleece scarf, toeless socks, dreadlocks removal,
24 hour hair braiding service Subscribe for $20 off: YOUTUBE Supermodels wear Kaales TREE BRAIDS hair loss solutions,

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Braids, Treebraids,
Brazilian Knots
(braidless), Hair
Crochet Braids,
Locs, and more

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Now accepting appointments for June and July 2023.

Get ready to learn brazilian knots,
how to braid, and many other
techniques successfully from the best
in a caring, understanding environment-
online, from your home office, or
school. Learn the best methods for any
style that prevents hairloss.

Busy women and stylists! Ask Kaale
questions, a service now available.
This service is recommended by one
of my younger clients, who expressed
that not everyone can fly to me, or
have me fly to them.

Easily ask or type any question, or
request a short ‘how to’ video clip to
master a technique or part of a
technique, solve a hair problem, or
emergency question.

Ask Kaale. Or, call:
(609)213-7985 from anywhere in the
world and leave a message for friendly
service (don’t forget to leave a clearly
spelled out email).

Email Kaale of youtube fame: kaaleshairbraiding@gmail.com,
or info@cosmetologyboss.com.

New Location alert!

Call first for appointment for box braids,
tree braids, and more: 567 Salem
Quinton Road Unit #6, Salem NJ

Train on a hair technique or improve
skills, or get great hair skills!
Online video courses: no more failing
at balancing work and life’s demands
on your time.

Are you a cosmetologist? Courses can
be studied from your phone or

Whether you are a beginner hairstylist
braider, or a graduated cosmetologist
that wants to learn or master braids,
weaves, loc removal, treebraids,
Feedin box braids, tree braids, cornrows,
Dutch braids, twists, Brazilian knots,
and more (cosmetology school does
not teach any of this), I have
options for you.

Don’t forget that this is your time
to shine: be empowered because you
can do this! So take action now. First,
do it for yourself.

Taking your career to the next level is
more than hugely satisfying. That’s
when fear vanishes and melts away.
Why? Because we help to build your
confidence. Second, for your family to
be more proud of you. Grow fast:
you have so much to gain.

This is a great time to cross off To Do
List items from that huge list! If I did
it, so can you. Join me now by
clicking the link.

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Book a Hair Appointment:

Originator of Invisible Part, Invisible
Hairline, and Invisible Ponytail, flawless, undetectable hair extension additions and techniques.

With many years of experience installing flawless hair extensions and using hair replacement tools, I can deliver on the customized look you want and deserve. Guaranteed. Be ready to be beautifully transformed.

Contact me for an amazing, flawless experience and style. If you have thinning hair short hair, or bald spots, hairline is gone, get a new hairline in under 1 hour (option). All hair types welcome. E-mail: kaaleshairbraiding@gmail.com.


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Treebraids Hairstyles:Treebraids, and more styles on my youtube playlist.

Tree Braids by Kaale- cornrow treebraids Front201611. Tree Braids by Kaale- invisible hairline cornrow treebraids deep bulk hair Front201614. Tree Braids by Kaale- cornrow treebraids FrontBatik201611.
Treebraids by Kaale, Master Stylist
installs straight, curly, and wavy
cornrow treebraids, individual tree braids,
southern treebraids, wet and wavy
, including Treebraids for
hairloss, and business class virgin undyed,
as well as remy (colored treated)
CEOGirl(SM) hair. Ask me how to get
treebraids with only 1 pack/bundle of hair

Tree Braids by Kaale- a few rotations cornrow treebraids Small size, Brazilian remy virgin hair. Tree Braids by Kaale- invisible hairline cornrow treebraids Small/SmallMedium size, body wave hair. Tree Braids by Kaale- traditional cornrow treebraids Small/SmallMedium size, loose body wave hair. Tree Braids by Kaale- invisible hairline cornrow treebraids Small/SmallMedium size using spanish bulk hair.

Click and buy
Loose Deep
human hair for

and other styles
Click and buy
curly Deep Bulk
human hair
for braids
Click and buy
Xpressions braiding hair

also used for treebraids.

Inspired by passion for hairloss
prevention and hair care,
I have paid attention to
God given gifts, followed
by the path that I am so
passionate about: treebraids,
Brazilian knots, hair extensions
crochet braids, and now drumroll

Licensed cosmetologist. I am also certified to offer chemical treatments: keratin fusion,
Microlinks, Tape-in hair extensions, Microbead,
Microbead weft, and also braidless

Experience ouchless, flawless
styles with gorgeous hair,
regardless of the severity of
your hairloss.

Treebraids For Hairloss:

Non surgical hairloss solutions hair
replacement expert. No hairloss is beyond
hope. Contact me for a consultation and
appointment today!

1 i) Click, buy straight human hair

1 ii) Click, buy virgin Indian hair
for weaving.

1 iii) How to buy remy hair: information.

Also offering service for full, partial,
celebrity track hair extensions, sewins,
in New Jersey, PA, NY, DE, CT, MD, VA, GA, CA,
and all 50 States.

Dreadlocks Removal:

Dreadlocks removal service, no cutting

How To Care For Black Natural Hair:

2) Before You Braid Black Hair
Dvd for sale

Crochet Braids:

Flawless crochet braids look great
whether you have normal hair, thinning
hair, or bald spots. No problem. Watch me
work my magic. Women deserve a full
head of flawless hair/ crochet braids. Click for:
vixen crochet braids.

Vixen crochet braids with loose hair strands by Kaale Crochet Braids -Senegalese twists $65 in Central New Jersey by Kaale. Crochet Braids -Senegalese twists $65 in Central New Jersey by Kaale- back view.

More Treebraids Styles:

Img# 1134: Straight Treebraids, Jan Left126.

Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrow Treebraids in Small NewCamBack2555.

Natural Fusion(SM) Brazilian knots- more
strand by strand hair styles for my Black,
Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian women-
all hair textures. Many other styles.

Beautiful Virgin Weaving
Hair Sale:

Click and buy long virgin Brazilian hair.

weaving hair special
. Everything-
hair, extensions, beauty
products, ships world-wide. Get online training this year!

Image #880): track hair extensions featuring natural looking updo. Weft or Track hair extensions, Updo Bk4.

Weft track hair extensions and lace front closures are just a few of your hair styling options! See Caucasian hair extensions video.

Be a CEOGirl(SM):

1) Click and buy RemyHairSales.com hair. Business class virgin hair for weaving and braiding. We install our CEONaturalFusion(SM) Brazilian knots with this hair.

Lace front closures.

DIFFERENCES- TREEBRAIDS VS MICROS? Tap it to watch on youtube:

Img #1975:
Tree Braids by Kaale- traditional cornrow treebraids done very small before and after Front42813. Treebraids 4.
Treebraids with straight hair, and treebraids with Spanish bulk hair.

Treebraids 5.
Treebraids, Batik loose hair

THE ORIGINAL WEAVE- tap it to watch on youtube:

Treebraids curly.
Cornrow treebraids with Kaale's patent pending NoSho(SM) technique.

Img #2000):
Treebraids with straight hair (Fr).
Cornrow treebraids +a few rotations

Tree Braids by Kaale- traditional cornrow treebraids done very small again updo12014.

Img #1626):
MicroSmall size individual Treebraids. Tree Braids by Kaale- Small Individuals Right2478.

Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrow Treebraids in SmallMed NewCamFront2532.

Treebraids with sexy, kinky curly hair.
Available: braiding hair, and weaving
hair. Click and buy kinky curly 14" human hair.
Click and buy kinky curly 18" human hair.

Tree Braids by Kaale- traditional cornrow treebraids done very small 2013.

Showing freshly done cornrow treebraids
with a few rotations in front, next to
client supplied picture almost three months

Img #1765:
Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrows with Deep Bulk hair Top2614.
Tree Braids

Img #1762
Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrows with Deep Bulk hair Back2611.
Tree Braids

10) Join Hair and Braids Club for bonus remy hair.

Img #170):
Wavy Tree Braids, Left14.

Img #1777):
Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrow Treebraids Top2650.
Star Shaped traditional Tree Braids

Img #1205):
Tree Braids, straight- Left2283.

Img #349) g:
Wet and wavy Treebraids, 2Back241.
Tree Braids

Img #1935):
Tree Braids by Kaale- cornrow treebraids with Brazilian hair from RemyHairSales.com, Top.

Definition of braid terms- finally, the true meanings.

Learn more about our remy, virgin hair, remy hair, and our life's work:

Imgs #2107 and #394) respectively:
Microbraids and Treebraids by Kaale, Wall Street Me BraidsOrgasm(SM) 106. Wavy cornrow Treebraids, Left284.
Wall Street Me TreeBraidsOrgasm(SM) braid spa, and treebraids.


Tree Braids by Kaale- RemyHairSales.com.
Treebraids. Indian Remy buy 1 get 1 free any length. Model client has the natural curly 16" in 10oz. Sold in 4oz bundles also. Are you a business owner, a reality tv star, a corporate professional? We need you to look more fabulous with our thrilling hair extension styles!

Img #1903):
Tree Braids by Kaale- Cornrows with Double Breasted style Top2753.
The Double Breasted cornrow treebraids with invisible part- by Kaale!

track hair extensions using color #33 for our Caucasian client.
Treebraids, and Caucasian track hair extensions

Tree Braids with KAALE human hair- Invisible hair line at part.
Tree Braids

Img #1257):
Small cornrow treebraids Right2154.


Treebraids by Kaale articles.

3) African hair braiding: individual braid styles- microbraids, Box braids

Img #1216) g:
Treebraids with Body Wave Right2170.

Img #1499):
Treebraids Back2205.

Img #394):
Treebraids with Straight human hair Front2195.

Img #1189):
Treebraids with Wavy human hair Front2179.

Img #477):
Tree Braids with Wet n Wavy human hair Left367.

Img #1167):
Deep Bulk Wavy human hair Treebraids Top2159.

Img #1258):
Tree Braids- Italian Body Wave Front2247.

Treebraids- Deep Bulk 100% human hair

Img #1249):
Tree Braids- Straight- with bang Top2238.

Img #1223:
Treebraids Wet n Wavy Human Hair Top2212.

Re-creation of Jill Scotts new hairdo

Img #1231):
Tree Braids with Wet n Wavy human hair Top2220.
Wavy cornrow treebraids

Img #1230):
Tree Braids with Wet n Wavy human hair Right2219.

Treebraids. Individuals + MediumSmall Cornrows in front.

Img #1164):
Tree Braids- Italian Body Wave Left2246.



Img #1177):
Treebraids with Body Wave Top2167.

Img #1202):
Treebraids with Wavy human hair Top2191.
Treebraids with human hair

Img #752):
Kinky curly Treebraids, Left133.
Treebraids Individuals

Img #1270):
Tree Braids Body Wave Left2258.
Treebraids- body wave curl pattern

Img #1188):
Treebraids by KAALE- Straight, Top2175.
Treebraids- straight curl pattern.

Img #1105:
Tree Braids- L11.
Traditional Treebraids (also spelled TREE BRAIDS). Treebraider Extraordinaire- KAALE!


Img #1198):
Tree Braids- Cornrows with Wet n Wavy human hair, Top2331.

Img #1393):
Treebraids with Wavy human hair Top2188.

Img #1285) g:
Treebraids by KAALE- Italian Body Wave, Back2188.

Img #1194) g:
Treebraids by KAALE- Italian Body Wave, Back2196.
Treebraids- Italian Body Wave

Img #1202):
Treebraids by KAALE- Brazilian Virgin Kinky Curly, Left2193.

Img #252):
Cornrow Tree Braids with Virgin Brazilian human hair Left56.
Treebraids. MediumSmall. Cornrows. Next pic- Small Kinky Curly treebraids with human hair

Wet and wavy Treebraids, Top239.

Img #246):
Cornrow Tree Braids Kinky curly Left174.

Img #1164):
Virgin Brazilian curly human hair Treebraids Top2155.
Treebraids. Individuals, MicroSmall size

Img #1204):
Treebraids by KAALE- Brazilian Virgin Kinky Curly, Top2195.

Img #1213):
Treebraids by KAALE- Wavy CEO Treebraids, Right2203.
Treebraids. CEO Treebraids

Img #1172):
Treebraids- Small size, with straight hair Left2161.

Img #259):
Cornrow Tree Braids Left163.
Treebraids. Cornrows. With KAALEs signature Invisible Hairline creation

Img #2077):
Microbraids- Invisible Braids are braided a little, then let loose- Left75.
Invisible Braids

Img #746):
Individual Treebraids with Spanish Bulk human hair Left2162.

Img #1171):
Deep Bulk Wavy human hair Treebraids Left2162.
Treebraids, Deep Bulk human hair

Img #3007):
Treebraids by KAALE- Wavy CEO Treebraids, Top2207.
Treebraids- CEO Treebraids

Img #271):
Cornrow Tree Braids Kinky curly Left174.
Treebraids. Kinky Curly, short

Img #1160):
Wet and Wavy cornrow Treebraids Right2150.
Treebraids. Cornrows

Img #731):
MicroSmall Individual Treebraids with hair extensions in back Top2147.
Individual Treebraids. MicroSmall. Weave in back

Img #1152):
Small Cornrow Treebraids with human hair Top2143.
Treebraids. Deep Wave human hair.

Img #1178):
Treebraids by KAALE- Wavy, Right2169.
Treebraids. Short. Weave hair

Img #22):
Straight Tree Braids, Right105.
Treebraids. Mediumsmall

Img #1141):
Straight Small Treebraids, Right133.
Tree Braids. La Bella Italy, again

Img #1139):
Kinky curly Treebraids, Nic Top131.
Kinky curly Tree Braids

Short kinky twists with Kinky Bulk R201.
Short SASSY twists

Img #222):
Wet and Wavy Tree Braids, Right36.Kaales Loose Wet and Wavy hair brand looks like Rihannas
Human hair with cornrow treebraids. Compare to Rihanna's hair

Img #227):
Curly Tree Braids, Top41.
Tree Braids

Img #280):
Cornrow Tree Braids Wet n wavy human hair Top184.
Treebraids. Cornrows

Image #887):
Full track hair extensions with invisible part, Front50.
Track hair extensions. Invisible part

Img #1129) g:
Wavy Individual Treebraids, Back121.
Individual Treebraids. Medium. With free hair

Img #211) :
Wavy Tree Braids, Top24.
Tree Braids

Img #715) :
Wavy Individual Treebraids, Left131.
Individual Treebraids. Wet n Wavy

Img #713):
Wavy Individual Treebraids, Large Top129.
Treebraids. Larger size with cornrows in front

Img #709a):
Wavy Individual Treebraids, Large.
Treebraids - vacation in Aruba

Img #1121):
Straight  Cornrow Treebraids, Bk114.

Img #1127):
Wet and wavy Individual Treebraids, Right118.
Individual Treebraids- Medium

Img #1120):
Straight  Individual Treebraids, Bk113.
Individual Treebraids- Small

Img #1104:
Tree Braids- L11.

Image #2069):
Microbraids, also spelled Micro Braids- Right.
Microbraids, also spelled MICRO BRAIDS

Img #197):
Curly Tree Braids, R121.

Img #199):
Straight Tree Braids Back.

Img #1110:
Tree Braids- Top12.

Img #1107:
Tree Braids- Front14.

Img #209):
Wet and wavy Tree Braids, Top22.
Treebraids with invisible hairline

Img #168):
Curly Tree Braids, Back13.
Tree Braids with free hair

Image #884):
Weft or Track hair extensions, Updo Right.
Wig Sew in

Img #1112:
Tree Braids- r14.

Image #879):
Weft or Track hair extensions, Bk4.
Partial track hair extensions application

Image #886):
Full track hair extensions with invisible part.
Invisible Part weave/ extensions

Img #700):
Straight Tree Braids, Top 4.
Tree Braids Individuals

Img #698):
Straight Tree Braids.
Individual Tree Braids

Img #753) g:
Treebraids by Kaale- Cornrows, Medium- Back100.
Natural cornrows

Img #1213):
Treebraids by KAALE- Wavy CEO Treebraids, Right2203.
Treebraids. CEO

Image #2099):
Microbraids by Kaale, Right97.

Invisible Part sewin is possible even with damaged edges:
Track hair extensions- sewin by Kaale.

Non-hair and non-braiding products and services:
Toelesss socks, Fingerless gloves, Fleece scarves, fleece scarf sets- available in all colors. Styles: double thick, wider, long scarves. Sports gloves, and Toobies™ - original glove liners, mittens, fingers-free gloves with a James Bond-like flaire: homeland security gadgets.
Stuffed Toys: Disney® stuffed toys.
Fine art paintings in oils and watercolors.
Photo Book. Gift wrap orders available.

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Treebraids, Hair extensions, Brazilian Knots, Brazilian Fusion, braids training

4) African hair braiding: individual braid styles- microbraids


Treebraids4hairloss.com is back- better than ever!

TreeBraids4HairLoss.com- Hair Club For Women.

To read more articles about Tree Braids, what are treebraids? Also check out this treebraids article.

Also visit my other blogs: http://treebraidsbykaalenjnycpa.blogspot.com and treebraidsbykaale.com

Dreadlocks Removal Service:

African Hair Braiding

Buy Ponytails hair supplies

Braiding, and Treebraids Article: http://www.upalmit.com/africanbraider.html

Treebraids, Hair Restorative, and Non Surgical hair loss Solutions:

NoSho(SM) hair extensions, Treebraids, and other braids styles are available for all hair types and conditions, including excessive hair loss around the edges, crown, and back of head.

Treebraids, and Hair Solutions:

We have customized cornrow styles and treebraid styles you never thought were possible.

Our Master Braider has mastered this art, and will help you to look more beautiful than you could ever dream of, with this hair restorative, non surgical hair loss solutions, and camouflaging technique. Please also read on how we promote hair growth, and hair loss prevention frequently asked questions (African Hair Braiding by Kaale, Hair Braiding FAQs).

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Kaale, The Treebraids, Track Hair Extensions, Brazilian Knots, and Dreadlocks Removal Specialist.