Treebraids, Brazilian Weaves, African hair braiding, 24 hour hair braiding service YOUTUBE hair loss solutions, Super models wear Kaale's treebraids!
Welcome to the new! Where you can get services for both African American and Caucasian hair services including training such as: treebraids, Brazilian knots, sewins, braidless sewins, microbead, keratin fusion, microlinks extensions, crochet braids, knotless braids, invisible, seamless styles, hairloss solutions, bleach coloring and dye services, perms, dreadlocks removal and maintenance at the salon’s I work from or travel to your location. Check out long Bohemian (boho) boxbraids- boxbraiding hair included, just supply the curly hair you prefer. Great looks for vacation, Summer 2023 and beyond also include treebraids.

KAALE'S HAIR BRAIDING- NJ BEST Treebraids, Brazilian Knots Extensions

KAALE'S HAIR BRAIDING- NJ BEST Treebraids, Brazilian Knots Extensions

Hair braiding:

African hair braiding, treebraids hair extensions, hair extensions Sewins. Learn how to do Brazilian Knots and train for your financial independance today! We offer African hair braiding, training, treebraids (ALL SMALL 1), treebraids (INDIVIDUALS 2), treebraids (MEDIUMSMALL 3), treebraids (WET N WAVY 4), treebraids(1PACK OF HAIR ONLY 5), Track hair extensions, Non surgical hair solutions, and supplies.

Welcome to the ouchless hair extensions and hair braiding exotic world by over 20 years experience installing hair extensions, treebraiding, and twisting! Hair braiding and extensions by Kaale (pronounced Kaalay, with the e on the end pronounced with the slightest hint of e). Buy virgin remy hair: follow the links shown:

Or call us for an appointment in New Jersey: (609)213-7985.

All throughout her work, Kaale has worked magic with hair extensions and african hair braiding styles. Kaale's treebraids links: treebraids.

Click here for free flowing Brazilian weaves also known as Brazilian Knots- no glue, no braiding, natural hair extensions for all Black and White womens' hair textures. Learn how to do Brazilian Knots and train for your financial independance today.

Buy human hair supplies

Kaale's African Hair Braiding

Call for a consultation and appointment. Learn from a non-surgical hairloss solutions expert how to do Brazilian Knots and train today!

Tree braids done here- lacing, extension weave sew-ins, wig sew-ins, Brazilian weaves! Yes, Brazilian weave, because ladies need a more natural way to get longer, thicker, more luxurious hair that lasts for years, empowering you to feel sexy and smart! If you live in the following towns in New Jersey, give us a call to get started braiding your hair, or select a style online: we braid hair in all of Central New Jersey, North Jersey, and South Jersey, or come to us! Most popular hair braiding towns and cities include:
  • Monmouth New Jersey
  • Flemington New Jersey
  • Piscataway New Jersey
  • East Windsor New Jersey
  • West Windsor New Jersey
  • Ewing, and Trenton New Jersey
  • Plainsboro New Jersey
  • Kendall Park New Jersey
  • Franklin Park New Jersey
  • Princeton New Jersey
  • Raritan New Jersey
  • Edison New Jersey
  • Hackensack New Jersey
  • Middletown New Jersey
  • Somerville New Jersey
  • Trenton New Jersey
  • Monroe New Jersey
  • South Brunswick New Jersey
  • New Brunswick New Jersey
  • North Brunswick New Jersey
  • Newark New Jersey
  • Perth Amboy New Jersey
  • Highland Park New Jersey
  • Lawrenceville New Jersey
  • New!
  • Swedesboro New Jersey
  • Salem New Jersey
  • Lindenwold New Jersey
More towns:
  • Levittown Pennsylvania
  • Langhorn Pennsylvania
  • Morrisville Pennsylvania
  • Bristol Pennsylvania
  • Morristown Pennsylvania
More towns: Yonkers New York, New York New York (Midtown)... all 50 States.

Live outside Princeton, Plainsboro, New Jersey, London, UK? Call us anyway, we come to you!

Hair Restorative, Non Surgical Hair Loss Solutions:

Treebraids styles, hair extensions:

Microbraids, Brazilian weave:


Best hair braiding experience

Before we begin, let us embrace you into a highly charged, rewarding, and beautiful experience that is true African hair braiding. Akwaaba! Additional information about your African hair braiding by Kaale
  • no hair too short- 1/4 inches hair ok!
  • no hair too coarse- no need to relax hair first
  • no hair shows through your braids or extensions!
  • no hair too long
  • no thin or thinning hair blues- our skillful mastery of the braiding process compensates!
  • receding hairline? We create great custom, or standard hair braiding styles to make you look 10, 20 years younger!
  • say good bye to receding hair line!
  • sewn styles available
  • we create new hair braiding styles every day!
  • convenient hours- day and night appointments available
Under the philosophy of: "if you cannot do something well, leave it to someone else who can", hair braided by Kaale has the following qualities:

does not contribute to receding hairline
receive lots of compliments from loved ones and even strangers!

Our synthetic hair braiding styles include the hair
our human hair braiding styles include the hair at cost to you, however certain styles include the hair too. If braiding at your place ask which styles do not include the hair.

African Hair braiding Maintenance:

  • 1st month is FREE
  • 2nd month is $20
  • 3rd month is $30
  • 4th month is $40

Click here for hair extensions, sew-in styles.

Click here for ponytail hair extensions to go, clip on hair ponytail.


Treebraids, Brazilian Weave Training

We provide treebraids, Brazilian weaves, and African hair braiding training. All natural hair braiding, weaving and styling techniques. Train in the comfort of your own home. You never have to leave your house, pay for baby sitting, or quit your day job. Learn at your own pace and desire to make a lucrative living for you and your family.

African Hair Braiding Supplies

A new hair braiding supplies company we came across this week sells hair that is a cross between human hair and synthetic- Outre. Outre hair braiding compliments human hair very well in that there is no need to dip the ends of the hair into hot water to prevent frizziness- it just doesn't happen. Additionally, we have found from experience with this type of hair braiding hair, that it has superior softness to the touch than many generic brand human hair on the market today.

So ladies and gentlemen, we have done all the human hair braiding research for you. unless the brand is Outre, Milky Way, or Beverly Johnson, you are fresh out of luck! Previously, we thought that for a hair braiding manufacturer to put a product on the market, that meant they knew what they were talking about- not so!

We recently used generic hair braiding hair that a client had bought that felt like synthetic hair, and acted like synthetic hair, only it was tangle-free. Here, we recommend the Outre brand. As opposed to the ($16 x 2 packs), the tangle-free Outre brand is ($19 x 2 packs), whereas the semi-tangle free is ($10 x 2 packs).

Now back to our regular content.

Hair supplies are also available. Buy hair braiding supplies here, online.

Buying hair without African hair braiding? Minimum hair braiding supplies order is $54.

If human hair is your choice, you can bring your own, or it will be added to your cost. Generally, 2 packs of human hair are enough for a single hair braiding, micro hair braiding, medium micro hair braiding, or invisible hair braiding style. If you know you have a bigger than average size head, more than 2 packs may be necessary.

Buying Human hair or Synthetic Hair Online?

The following are basic hair extensions and prices:

braiding hair:

human hair: straight, 14 inches - $19 cash/$27 credit
human hair: wavy/ curly, 16 inches - $28 cash/$32 credit
human hair: straight, 18 inches - $20 cash/$20 credit- free when braiding hair at our location.
processed synthetic hair: deep wave, 18 inches - $20 cash for 2 packs/$20 credit- free when braiding hair with us for box braids, cornrows, and microbraids styles.
human hair: wavy/ curly, 18 inches - $32 cash/$40 credit
synthetic hair: Yaky texture, etc.: 3 packs for $8 free when braiding with us.

To order more than 2 human hair packs, change the quantity or number of orders in your shopping cart. Each order is for 2 packs of human hair.

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African Hair Braiding

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Braiding, and Treebraids Article:

Treebraids, Hair Restorative, and Non Surgical hair loss Solutions:

NoSho(SM) hair extensions, Treebraids, and other braids styles are available for all hair types and conditions, including excessive hair loss around the edges, crown, and back of head.

Treebraids, and Hair Solutions:

We have customized cornrow styles and treebraid styles you never thought were possible.

Our Master Braider has mastered this art, and will help you to look more beautiful than you could ever dream of, with this hair restorative, non surgical hair loss solutions, and camouflaging technique. Please also read on how we promote hair growth, and hair loss prevention frequently asked questions (African Hair Braiding by Kaale, Hair Braiding FAQs).

Live in NY? Brooklyn NY? Long Island NY? Manhattan NY? NJ? MD? DE? VA? We are ready for you this 2022.

Live outside those areas? We can come to you. London, UK? Call us anyway!

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