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Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts, Zebra U-Palmit

Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts, Zebra U-Palmit
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Product Description

Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts, Zebra U-Palmit

Fingerless Gloves

Womens, mens, Zebra fingerless gloves are also called money gloves. Embossed raised black velvet on Lycra/Spandex blend. Proms, special occasions! Double-layered. Doubles as fashion toe-less warmers, socks, and anklets, protection from the cold. For additional shipping information see Info section. Please click on images to enlarge.

Prom Dress, special occasion fingerless gloves by U-Palmit(TM). Zebra U-Palmit™ fingerless gloves. More than 5 other fabulous chique boutique styles, colors, looks shown below. Our unique dress stretch fingerless gloves are very exciting! Also, U-Palmit™ enables you to accentuate your gender by leaving your fingers free. Enjoy all your activities! Invite us to accessorize your wedding gowns, prom dresses, special occasion outfit, and lingerie, this year!

Model is wearing the Zebra U-Palmit™ gloves. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more pictures of modeled U-Palmit™ gloves.

U-Palmit™s are available in single, double, as well as multiple layers for more delicate fabrics. For custom U-Palmit™s, with or without your own fabric, we offer you one custom feature free of charge. Eg., you can have the secret compartment removed from your U-Palmit™ gloves.

Option 1: See street wear and to-work gloves fabric: Fingerless Dress Gloves , prom dress gloves on this page, and Wedding, Prom Dress Fingerless Gloves Exotica. Or,

Option 2: Submit your own fabric. All left over material will be discarded. Custom orders availability for wedding party of 12: Usually ships in 4-6 days. Smaller orders, 2-3 business days. Please ensure that the fabric arrives within 2 weeks of wedding date.

Customized orders: have a special customized need? No problem. Include instructions in the "Comments" section of the shopping cart. We will inform you how much extra it may cost, if Ok, the extra cost will be added to your charge.

Standard orders from stock: Other sizes and designs for wear with prom dresses, wedding dresses are shown below, and also on the Wedding, Prom Dress Fingerless Gloves, Exotica page. Usually ships in 2-3 business days.