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BEFORE YOU BRAID BLACK HAIR Dvd- For Black, and Bi-Racial Peoples

BEFORE YOU BRAID BLACK HAIR Dvd- For Black, and Bi-Racial Peoples
Item# Before-You-Braid-Black-Hair-DVD

Product Description

Before You Braid Black Hair Dvd:

BEFORE YOU BRAID BLACK HAIR is a how to Dvd for Black hair care before it is styled, or braided. Great for challenging situations involving maintenance of Black hair. Black peoples and multi-racial peoples, those who love Black hair, or want to understand how to care for Black hair. Makes a great gift.

Also created in response to mothers calling in enquiring about the best way to care for their young one's Black hair. Great step by step guide also for Caucasian salons expanding into Black hair care. Great for Black salons who want to help grow Black hair.

"Before You Braid Black Hair" will walk you into the steps to reduce any painful experiences for your Black lady client. Taking care of Black hair is a journey. It should be as pain-free as possible, and enjoyable for the Black person, child, or client with tight coily tresses. The more pain-free, the more Black hair and curly hair grows!

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Learn the art of managing Black hair, or teach your client how to care for their own hair with this Dvd. Finally, a Dvd with all the knowledge you need all in one place, plus some little known Black hair care secrets from me Kaale, at your fingertips so you can hit the ground running.

Every beautician or future beautician and cosmetologist should own this Dvd. It does not matter whether you are in the USA, UK, Canada, or elsewhere. If you even want to touch Black hair to do anything with it, get this Dvd now.

Cosmetology schools do not cover Black hair care. Often, students have to learn outside of the classroom. When it comes to braiding Black hair, you can forget it. Cosmetologists have to get that knowledge from a Master Braider such as myself with decades of experience and skill in the art of Black hair care.

If you are a cosmetology school This is your ticket to success with Black hair. If you contribute to hairloss of your Black client, eventually they will leave you and come to me- I specialize in hairloss prevention, and hair growth solutions. So don't delay, and take this very seriously, and you too will become a household name in no time.

This instructional Dvd covers the basic steps necessary to care for Black, coily hair.

Before You Braid Black Hair:

This Dvd provides a more socially responsible life experience for care givers and adults with Black hair- just the way we used to get it when we were back home, as little children. Get a piece of Black history to encourage you, your child, or your client while taking good care of your hair before braiding or styling.

Before You Braid Black Hair Dvd is great for:

    Before You Braid Black Hair.
  • Salons that cater to Black hair
  • Beauticians that want to grow their Black clientele
  • Those attending Beauty Schools- (Cosmetology)
  • Beauty Schools
  • Home use
  • Your Lover
  • Your Mum, and Siblings ready to try something that works better
  • all styles including treebraids, track hair extensions, Brazilian Knots, cornrows, single plaits, dreads
  • Makes a great gift
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Questions after buying and watching the Dvd? Send an e-mail to the address provided at the end.

This Dvd will change you, your family, and your clients lives positively!