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Welcome to the new! Where you can get services for both African American and Caucasian hair services including training such as: treebraids, Brazilian knots, sewins, braidless sewins, microbead, keratin fusion, microlinks extensions, crochet braids, knotless braids, invisible, seamless styles, hairloss solutions, bleach coloring and dye services, perms, dreadlocks removal and maintenance at the salonís I work from or travel to your location. Check out long Bohemian (boho) boxbraids- boxbraiding hair included, just supply the curly hair you prefer. Great looks for vacation, Summer 2023 and beyond also include treebraids.

Store Anything Organizer (tm): Hosiery, Socks, Equipment, Gadget

Store Anything Organizer, Beach, Camping Organizers, Wallets
Store Anything Organizer, Beach, Camping Organizers, Wallets
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Product Description

Camping, Beach, Organizer

Camping, Beach Organizer: beach goers, camping enthusiasts, all group sports and activities. Just plain hide something from anybody, keep your privacy intact product. Organizes thong underwear, skimpy bras, socks, hosiery: buy the "4 x 5" size.

Also for campers, hikers, joggers or just store something for safe-keeping. Store Anything Organizer™ also available as storage unit for your precious socks, hosiery, thong underwear, etc. College students, hikers, back packer's dream. Reduces clutter. Don't leave for college or work without them!

Maintains hosiery, socks: saves time, prevents runs, and potential embarassement. Let's face it, certain items are meant to be kept private, and we are here to the rescue!

Some items always end up in a disorganized mess, no matter how hard you try to keep them neat. We are here to the rescue! U-Palmit™s organize your socks, hosiery, thong underwear, and other valuables, and also help you to keep them snag-free!