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Buy fingerless gloves, get African hair braiding, buy Contemporary African art,
buy a fleece scarf. Remove your dreadlocks.
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Welcome to the new! Where you can get services for both African American and Caucasian hair services including training such as: treebraids, Brazilian knots, sewins, braidless sewins, microbead, keratin fusion, microlinks extensions, crochet braids, knotless braids, invisible, seamless styles, hairloss solutions, bleach coloring and dye services, perms, dreadlocks removal and maintenance at the salon’s I work from or travel to your location. Check out long Bohemian (boho) boxbraids- boxbraiding hair included, just supply the curly hair you prefer. Great looks for vacation, Summer 2023 and beyond also include treebraids.
Welcome shoppers, our website has changed- this site is now focused on treebraids, natural hair styles, hair extensions sales, and training for those who wish to learn the craft. Sewins, African hair braiding, cornrow treebraids, individual treebraids, crochet braids, twists, locs, dreadlocks removals service at my home or yours. Travel service, overnight appointments, are also available.

Many thanks to our loyal local, domestic, and overseas customers! As you may have noticed, our website is now easier to navigate. Thank you again for your feedback- we do listen to you our loyal customers, and now thanks to you many others are enjoying easier browsing. Kudos!

E-mail us:

Non-hair, and non-braiding inquiries.

Appointments & Service:

Treebraids, sewins, hair to use.

African hair braiding:

Dreadlocks removal.

Crochet braids.

Or call: (609) 213-7985.

Remy, and virgin hair orders:

Shipping address:
12 Schalks Crossing Rd Box 451
Plainsboro, NJ 08536.

Other questions and communications, please click below:

We gladly accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, Diners Card, Debit to checking, Paypal, Money Orders, and Personal Checks. Some items carry a 30-day money-back guarantee minus shipping and handling: restrictions apply. For toys, Photo Books, and socks, please read Returns and Exchanges in the Other Customer Service section. Unless otherwise stated all items are in stock.

All orders are trackable online.


June 22, 2017
Secure pages have been installed for viewing content as well. Now, not only order processing is secured, but information pages as well. We now have maximum security for you online while you are shopping with us.


To navigate to our Home page, we upgraded with "bread crumbs"- the links above the page content on every page. Enjoy easier navigation.


Local or Domestic/International Orders: FREE world-wide shipping on all orders $200 or more by Priority Mail/Air Parcel Post, respectively.

Local/Domestic orders: Stuffed toy orders 10 inches and shorter: $2 via Priority Mail (2-3 days). $24 via Express Mail (2 days). Over 10 inches:$15 via 4-7 day Air Parcel Post, UPS: Ground Residential available for all local2/domestic orders.

Non-toy orders less than $100:$5.96, via 2-3 day Priority Mail. $15 via Air Parcel Post. $24 via next day Express Mail, and UPS standard rates.

International orders including outside Continental U.S: International toy orders 10 inches and shorter: $24 via Air Parcel Post. $24.00 via 2-3 day Express Mail. Over 10 inches:$30 via Air Parcel Post, all include insurance.

International non-toy orders: less than $100:$24 via Air Parcel Post. $34 via 2-3 day Express Mail.

Guaranteed shipping time: Global Express Guaranteed. It costs more for international shipping, and is well worth the peace of mind that a guarantee provides. For more information, please click usps for updates, and availability.

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Looking for something you can't find? From any page, see the left side navigagtion and click on SEARCH.

If no results come up, try another variation of the search term. You should be able to find it then. If we do not carry what you seek, please contact us, and we will do our best to research and find it for you.

Shop with confidence. If you are not completely satisfied with our quality merchandise, return it for an exchange to the shipping address above. Please see Returns and Exchanges Policy.

Other Customer Service information:

  • More about gifting opportunities and available products

  • Privacy Policy

  • How to order online using the Yahoo! Shopping Cart, or Paypal?

  • How to Order by Mail

  • How to Order by Phone

  • Searching (Howto) for products

  • When will my order ship?

  • Order status and how to track your package

  • Free gift wrap and more!

  • Which size is best for me?

  • Transactional information

  • Currency converter

  • Returns and Exchanges

  • Thank you for shopping with

  • The brother and sister team

    • More about gifting opportunities and available products:

    • ...stocking stuffer, or just everyday hiding more stuff! We have gloves for every occasion. Our sandal socks and toeless socks ensure maximum Summer and all year round fun and excitement! Shop for stuffed toys: tweety bird, odie, tigger, garfield, bride and groom bears, and dino baby. Our products: unique gift items guaranteed to please, for all occasions, and personal security, all available with gift wrap. Exotic fine art, pre-paid wedding and special occasion photo processing, your sports, spa, pedicure, jogging, mountain sports, football, baseball, and travel security and wedding accessories such as Thighlets, here. Multi-purpose fingerless money gloves, Summer sandal socks and foot gloves, sports glove, diabetes toeless socks, and toeless dress socks.

      Our fingerless gloves keep you looking smart and on the go, with no fuss, civilian or military, any time of the year. Our wedding accessories including Thighlets are a woman's sweet find- exotic, designed with you in mind. Time capsules and store-anything organizers, photo books, great custom services, abstract art, not offered anywhere else. We are dedicated to serving the individually unique and sophisticated persons tastes and interests. Tweety bird stuffed toy, fleece scarf in Black, Olive, Red, Christmas-green, Yellow-gold, Midnight/ Navy-blue, Royal-blue, Charcoal-grey, Acqua-green, Acqua-blue, and more! FREE shipping is available. Please check the customer service link on this page.

      Thank you for shopping with U-Palmit™. We are a licensed reseller of Disney® toys and lingerie by Sensual Mystique. Thank you for your patronage, you'll want to keep this treasure of a Website to yourself, but please share it with friends at work, family and friends. We welcome group and bulk orders- just place "group" or "bulk" in the 'Comments' section of your shopping cart- we will call you to to offer you the best price possible before we process your order.
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    • Searching (How to) for products:

    • From our home page, search our products and services, or use our alphabetical site index from any page of our site.

      Search using the Search box: From the Index page, select "Search". Enter keywords into our Search box: one or two keywords give best results.

      Search using Site Index: An alphabetical site 'Index' button is available from every page of this web site.
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    • When will my order ship?:
    • Most products ship next business day. Orders placed on a Friday may ship on Saturday. Please check your products of choice for specific shipment schedules.

      Same-day shipping orders must be placed by 7am. EST. Saturdays by 5am. EST., otherwise order shipped next business day.

      Next-day shipping orders placed before 6am. EST. on a business day may be shipped sooner. Express Mail: next-day delivery orders must be placed by 6am.
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    • Order status and how to track your package:

    • You will receive three e-mails from once to confirm your order, a second to confirm that your order has been shipped including tracking information, and a third to provide detailed information specific to your order. We never leave you in the dark wondering about the status of your order. This special relationship we have with our customers is second to none.

      For both domestic and international package tracking, please enter your package number from your e-mail confirmation for Priority Mail, Air Mail, Air Parcel Post, Express Mail, or Global Express Guaranteed order here and click on 'go', or press enter.

      If you forgot your order number, please contact us by e-mail Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 am, Eastern Standard Time.
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    • Free Gift Wrap and More!:
    • Free world-wide shipping for all orders $100 and more.
    • Free individual gift wrap for all orders $100 and more. The $5.00 gift wrap charge will be removed from your total order, unless your order is less than $100
    • .
    • Free gift cards for all orders shipped as gifts.
    • Your message printed on a beautiful card, free of charge.
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    • How to order online using the Yahoo! Shopping Cart, or Paypal?

    • Instructions, how to order using Paypal . Upalmit is Paypal verified

      To shop using Paypal, Currently, Yahoo! Store supports Paypal. Pay anyone with an email address or phone number - instantly! Select Paypal as your payment option, then in the credit card field, just enter your Paypal verified e-mail address or mobile number. We will send you an e-mail for payment.

      No credit card? See how to order by Mail, or by Paypal.

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      Instructions, how to order using Yahoo! shopping cart, please see steps below:

      E.g. Let's say your product of choice is 2 pairs of Summer sandal socks. You are going to Six Flags Great Adventures or other fun spot with friends or family. You want to show off your lovely nail polish and your new sandals. Or, you are looking for non-restrictive, practical, unisex socks for the Spring and Summer weather, or health-promoting diabetic (diabetes patients) foot care socks. You are in the right place.

      Option 1: The following steps show how to order more than one of the same product: Step 1:From a product page, select style or other available product options from the drop down box. Step 2:Click the 'Order through Yahoo! secure server' button. Step 3:Click the 'Keep Shopping' button. Step 4:Click the 'Order through Yahoo! secure server' button again. Step 5:Proceed to check out by clicking the 'Check Out' button. Step 6:Fill out shipping, ordering, and payment information.

      Note: Shipping options start with Domestic (for orders you are shipping within the U.S.), or International (for an order you want shipped outside the U.S.) Next, determine how fast you need your order shipped, and choose the selections accordingly. Last but not least, select the correct 'toy' or a 'not toys' shipping option. For example, when buying a U-Palmit money glove, select a shipping option that includes the 'not toys' shipping option.

      The entire ordering process takes a rapid succession of clicks, approximately 1 minute.

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      Option 2: Step 1:Select your style or other available product options from the drop down box. Step 2:Click the 'Order through Yahoo! secure server' button. Step 3:Click inside the 'Quantity' field, and enter the number of items you are ordering. Step 4:Click on the 'Update Quantities' button. Step 5:Proceed to check out by clicking the 'Check Out' button. Step 6:Fill out shipping, ordering, and payment information.

      The following steps show you how to order more than one quantity of different products, and different styles: Step 1:Select your style or other available product options from the drop down box. Step 2:Click the 'Order through Yahoo! secure server' button. Step 3:Click the 'Keep Shopping' button. Step 4: Select the next product. Step 5:Click the 'Order through Yahoo! secure server' button again.

      When you are done shopping, and after you have clicked on the last 'Order...' button:Step 6:Proceed to check out by clicking the 'Check Out' button. Step 7:Fill out shipping, ordering, and payment information.

      Note: Shipping options start with Domestic (for orders you are shipping within the U.S.), or International (for an order you want shipped outside the U.S.) Next, determine how fast you need your order shipped, and choose the selections accordingly. Last but not least, select the correct 'toy' or a 'not toys' shipping option. For example, when buying a U-Palmit money glove, select a shipping option that includes the 'not toys' shipping option.

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      Option 3: You may shop the entire store before finally seeking the shopping cart. To finally see your shopping cart, you will need to click on any order button. Your shopping cart will then be revealed, and you may check out/click the 'check out' button to complete your order.

      To delete an item, click on the clickable text "remove" under the product image in your shopping cart.

      The entire ordering process takes approximately one minute to complete.

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      Need more help with ordering? Click here.

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    • Ordering by Mail:

    • Fax ordering is currently on hold. You may mail your order in to us.

      Ordering by Mail with Check or Money Order or Credit Card:

      We understand that no matter how secure a website can be, some people still do not feel comfortable ordering online with a credit card. We do not charge extra for check or money order. If you would like to order with one of these payment options:

      1. Simply order online like you would when paying with a credit card but ignore the credit card field. Don't forget to select "Money Order" or "Check" or "Credit Card by Mail" so we know how you want us to process your order.

      2. After typing the rest of your info: print each of the two web order pages (one will have your "ship to:" address, and the second page lists your Items purchased and Total.

      3. You may exit the order page once you have printed your forms.

      OR, If you don't have a printer - simply copy down the items you would like, the item codes, and the total price tax and shipping showing in the order form.

      4.Mailing In Your Mail Order Payment

    • Sending Payment by Check or Money Order

    • Include the printed order pages with your check or money order. (Or, if you do not have a printer, the item codes, total price tax and shipping shown on the order form). Money Orders will result in the fastest mail order service. Checks take longer to process, as some banks will not pay for up to 14 days.

      No need to figure out tax and shipping- our order system automatically calculates shipping for you.

    • Sending Payment by Credit Card

    • Write your number and expiration date then mail your forms to us at the address below.

    Check & Money orders MUST BE IN U.S. FUNDS and made out to "U-Palmit." and sent to:

    P.O. Box 451
    Plainsboro NJ 08536
    Phone: 609-897-9567

    If this is a gift order write your love note or message and we will make sure to transfer it onto a lovely card and envelope. This special service is free to you, our loyal customer.

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  • Ordering by Phone?

  • Please call us at 609-897-9567, leave a message, and we will be glad to call you back Eastern Standard Time and take your order. Thank you for doing business with U-Palmit.
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  • Which size is best for you?

  • U-Palmit™ money gloves are homeland security personal security products which provide warmth, comfort, style, and security for your credit cards, cash, and valuables, while leaving your fingers free to pursue all your activites. If you normally wear size medium, select size M. We will be glad to get any feedback from you for any custom features you require in your own pair.

    All Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall sandal socks and toeless socks fit comfortably, and do not restrict blood circulation. Most lengths are as shown here. NEW! Check out our new Ergo Socks™! Comfortable, ergonomic, even less elastic than ever before! A Godsend for tired achey sensitive feet. Please send us feedback if you have a special need. We would love to be able to custom fit a pair for you!

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  • Transactional Information:

  • When you make a purchase, we will need information such as name, shipping address, e-mail address and credit card information. This information is stored on Yahoo!'s secure database. Users' credit information is transferred over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) line. If you shop through Paypal, your information is directly transmitted through Paypal's secure servers. Both Yahoo! and Paypal secure server shopping carts ensure your information is encrypted and cannot be read by any other Internet users. The secure mode begins upon ordering. A closed lock at the bottom of your computer screen is a guarantee that this feature is on.

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  • Returns and Exchanges:

  • Some purchases are protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our quality products, we offer an exchange. Please ensure to return your order in its original packaging, and in excellent condition. In other words, the condition in which you received it. Photobooks, toys, socks, gloves, and hair are not returnable.

    An order placed by credit card that is declined and after e-mail sent to customer results in no response will be cancelled. Although a rare occurrence, any customer that does not follow instructions in Customercare e-mail, but requires phone call(s) to repeat the exact same information provided in the e-mail will be charged a handling fee of $10. We reserve the right to cancel orders placed that are initially declined, or require excessive or unnecessary phone call back, or usage of staff time- all such orders, if processed, are not returnable. At this time, we reserve the right to determine which calls are emergent.

    Exchanges can be made by writing a note on the packaging slip with the item name you wish to exchange it with. Please enclose shipping cost indicated on packaging slip. Gift order: please e-mail or call us to ask for shipping cost.
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  • The brother and sister team:

  • About the Designer, Inventor, Online Marketing Strategist: Background- Iris Turner was born and raised in England, Ghana, Princeton, and Trenton.

    At the tender age of twelve, she was designing her own clothes, hand bags, tables and chairs, and picnic baskets. Her focus was on uniqueness of design, and attention to detail.

    Education: The Designer, Inventor, and Search Engine Optimization Specialist/Business Strategist, and published Poet has a Business Degree from Trenton State College, and a Software Testing Certificate.

    Current: Iris Turner continues to create appealing, quality products for men and women to enjoy and to experience and share scintillating adventures.

    About the Successful Artist: Background- Vincent Aggrey was born and raised in England, UK, Accra, and Tema.

    Education: The Artist has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Science and Technology(UST) in Kumasi.

    Discovered by U.S. tourists, Vincent Aggrey entered one of his paintings at an Art Exhibition which was held at the Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St Jame's Street, London SW1A 1LR. This took place in 1997. As the winner, Vincent received a princely amount under a thousand pounds.

  • Thank You For Shopping at!

  • The flavors presented in our creations stem in part, from the influence, and cultures of the three continents. After over twenty years of doing business, we, Iris Turner, and Vincent Aggrey, now offer some of our creations online. We hope you will continue to enjoy them as much as we do.