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dreadlocks removal, 24 hour hair braiding service Supermodels wear Kaales TREE BRAIDS hair loss solutions
Welcome to the new! Where you can get services for both African American and Caucasian hair services including training such as: treebraids, Brazilian knots, sewins, braidless sewins, microbead, keratin fusion, microlinks extensions, crochet braids, knotless braids, invisible, seamless styles, hairloss solutions, bleach coloring and dye services, perms, dreadlocks removal and maintenance at the salonís I work from or travel to your location. Check out long Bohemian (boho) boxbraids- boxbraiding hair included, just supply the curly hair you prefer. Great looks for vacation, Summer 2023 and beyond also include treebraids.

BRAIDS CLUB- Join Our Yearly and Bi-Annual Hair Club

BRAIDS CLUB- Join Our Yearly and Bi-Annual Hair Club
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Product Description

Treebraids by Kaale Presents

Hair Supply, and BRAIDS CLUB:

New! Virgin Remy Hair Supply- FREE 8oz or 2 bundles remy hair each other visit! for Braids Club members!

Additionally, your human hair is free! An unprecedented opportunity to receive choice of free Brazilian, Indian, or Malaysian hair.

No, you don't have to get your hair done with us to get the discount.

However, if you do, you save $25, $125, $225 on each on treebraids installs depending on what size of braids is preferred.

For Brazilian knots you save $300 on hair alone for starters.

This means that you do not need to be Black, Hispanic, or Caucasian specifically to join our hair club. Here are links to hair types we offer on">

Gift to anyone you want. Please select GIFT from the drop down menu to order. Also enter the 'ship to' and e-mail address of gift recipient and we will contact her within 24hrs to get her started with a consultation and appointment. She will be all set for the entire year based on the option you select.

  • Click on the Order button to join.
  • Enter: mixed range of styles or leave blank if you want to leave your option open for treebraids, hair extensions, braids, etc.
  • You will receive e-mail confirmation of your payment and we will call/e-mail to discuss your hair, extensions, and appointment needs prior to your first Braids/Hair Club appointment
Buy virgin remy hair: follow the links shown:

call us for an appointment in New Jersey: (609)213-7985.

  • No charge for hair.
  • Each time after your hair is installed, the cost of your style is deducted from your balance. Your account is replenished by clicking again on this page's Order button
  • To join by cash: only $1,000
  • To join by US Postal Money Order: $1000 yearly membership
  • Mona loves Kaales Invisible Hairline treebraids and how exciting they look on her- it looks like hair is growing out of her scalp! Mona is also trying to give her hair a break from chemicals. Treebraids, and the Braids Club by Kaale is perfect for Mona because of this.

    Mona will never need to buy hair! In addition to how exciting the Invisible Treebraids look on Mona- The Invisible Part and Invisible Hairline styles looks like hair is growing out of her scalp.

    Recommendations are always based on the health of hair and scalp. Women with hairloss issues may have individual treebraids based on extensiveness of hairloss. Otherwise, cornrow treebraids are recommended.

    Let's face it, a lot of people are losing jobs- why not gift yourself, a friend (or stranger) the gift of true love- a woman appreciates a gift of getting her hair done.

    This Kaale Braids Club is better -its approximately for a whole year... and it never expires!

    The recipient doesn't have to know if you prefer, select the Anonymous Gift option, indicate who it is for so we can contact the lucky lady/ladies, who will be informed that she/they are the lucky recipients of an anonymous gift to get her/their hair done- no matter the style.

    Hair for Fusion hair extensions:

    Hair for Weaving- available also in Bleach Blonde 613- weft hair extensions:

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