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Welcome to the new! Where you can get services for both African American and Caucasian hair services including training such as: treebraids, Brazilian knots, sewins, braidless sewins, microbead, keratin fusion, microlinks extensions, crochet braids, knotless braids, invisible, seamless styles, hairloss solutions, bleach coloring and dye services, perms, dreadlocks removal and maintenance at the salonís I work from or travel to your location. Check out long Bohemian (boho) boxbraids- boxbraiding hair included, just supply the curly hair you prefer. Great looks for vacation, Summer 2023 and beyond also include treebraids.

Basket Weave African Hair Braiding- Treebraids Styles, WEDDING

Basket Weave African Hair Braiding- Treebraids Styles, WEDDING

FULL BASKET WEAVE Great For Weddings and Special Occasions

African hair braiding for weddings, and more! Have your wedding or event be the most memorable for you and others with a full basket weave. Model has the Full Basket Weave in medium sized braids. Ends: choose from a selection of an elegent bun as shown by Model- a satisfied customer, read her testimonial on the main page- a scrumptious tucked in bun (bun is tucked under the base of the full Basket Weave).

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Ladies! We finally put this basket weave style up on youtube last August 2014! Been up on here for years and finally getting the attention it deserves, world-wide!! So are all our followers and subscribers!!!!

Search ORIGINAL BASKET WEAVE or see the video below.

We have been doing these Basket Weaves since decades. However just recently we have seen a 'sprinkling' of some Basket Weave videos on youtube that are wayyyy inferior to the real African Hair Braiding Basket Weave style. Here is the video, worthy of this music.

Search for more of our videos on for WHAT ARE TREE BRAIDS? And also DIFFERENCES- TREEBRAIDS VS MICROBRAIDS

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Full Basket Weave Description:
  • The entire head is covered in a gorgeous, artistic lattice-work display of closely woven braids, going horizontally and vertically. The effect is that of tiny braided boxes, a multitude of tightly woven boxes over the skull/head, think plaid! Think sexiest woman alive!
Remember skull caps worn by the rich and famous including Jackie O? Well, the full Basket Weave is the epidemy of elegance, power, and sophistication. It screams....Diva!!

Experience it!

Lasts: 6 months
Time to completion: 7 -8 hours, depending on variables.
Maintenance level: Low, ready to go, no fuss, with maximum appeal. Included in price.
Hair: Included in price.

Wedding and special occasions Full Basket Weave:
  • Full Basket Weave- medium sized braids, wedding
  • Full Basket Weave- smaller sized braids, wedding
  • Full Basket Weave- medium sized braids, special occasion
  • Full Basket Weave- smaller sized braids, special occasion
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