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BRAIDS Dictionary- Braiding, Brazilian Knots, Weaves, Treebraids

BRAIDS Dictionary- Braiding, Brazilian Knots, Weaves, Treebraids

Hairbraiding definitions, terms

Box braids:

Box Braids is a type of hair extension which is rapidly growing in popularity. They are very similar to Micro Braids except for the fact that Box Braids use synthetic hair rather than natural hair. Box Braids sections are cut in the shape of a square, hence its given name. Box Braids take about 6 to 12 hours to complete, and last several weeks when they are properly maintained. Here is an example of small/medium Box Braids. Call: (609) 213-7985.

Conflicting Box Braid Terms

Box Braids are sometimes referred to as Micro Braids, except cut into box shapes. So there you have it. Braiding terms are sometimes misconstrued to mean something else, depending on the area of the country you are visiting to get your hair braided.


Cornrows are flat braids. This hair braiding technique differs from Single Braids in that instead of a lot of 'single braids' hanging down, the majority of the braid is 'inverted braids'. These Inverted Braids are braided close to the scalp. The Inverted Braids differ from Cornrows in that with Cornrows, the braid effect is a 'protruding twist and turn on the surface of the scalp of a wearer's head. These neatly braided 'twists and turns' have the shape of a continuous figure 8.

Cornrow Hair Braiding Process

The Cornrow hair braiding process is first, creating a 'foundation' upon which to 'build' a hair braiding creation. Cornrow styles are as creative as the imagination can carry, and can be very exquisite, or very large and plain Cornrow braids.

To begin, two sets of lines are drawn based upon the design or 'foundation' predetermined by the hair braiding creator or hair braider. The Cornrows then strictly follow the pattern of lines drawn to guide the systematic design.

Cornrow hair braiding can use your own hair to braid, or add synthetic or human hair. Pricing is on the higher side when human hair is incorporated into the cornrows.

History of Cornrow Hair Braiding:

Cornrow hair braiding originated in Africa. Ancient civilization such as Romans that migrated and settled there, possibly also through slavery, continued the tradition.

The smaller the braid, the more sophisticated the look. Additionally, because traditionally women were in positions of having to care for their families, a woman that had a lot of time to devote to her hair was usually from a wealthy or royal family. Most other women had 'quick fix' type hairdos to enable them to quickly get back to their common tasks to sustain their households through weaving, farm work, drawing water, etc.

Micro Braids:

Micro Braids require patience while a lady is served by treating her hair to elegant, tiny braids, hence Micro Braids.

Conflicting Micro Braids Terms

Micro Braids have been known to a much smaller extent as Invisible Braids. However, there is a distinct different between the two. Notice clarification on Tree Braids as well, below.

Invisible Braids:

Invisible braids are a subset of Micro Braids, in that they look like Micro Braids. However, at first glance, especially when looking at the back of the head and sides of the Invisible Braids, one thinks it is a weave also!

Invisible Braids are braided JUST A LITTLE BIT, and the clients own hair PLUS the commercial hair are left to hang free.

When one looks at the front of the Invisible Braids however, (the frontal section of the wearers face), one sees that it is definitely Invisible Braids instead. Hence the popularity of Invisible Braids- their versatile look. And popularity. Invisible Braids are not braided as long as Micro Braids are.

In fact, if you are a high powered attorney or business manager, we recommend Invisible Braids or Individual Treebraids. Swim, or wash Invisible Braids and Treebraids done the right way as often as you want. For non-visibility of any braids, i.e. front, back or sides of head, get KAALEs Invisible Hairline Cornrow Treebraids.

Tree Braids:

Also known as Lacing, or Interlocking.

As you can imagine with Tree Braids, hair braiding terminology sprouts up like jack in the bean stalk. What is a common term can often get a new life of its own by overzealous braiders attempting to infuse new excitement into their hair braiding business.

There are two types of Tree Braids:
  • cornrow Treebraid
  • , and
  • individual Treebraids

Individual Treebraids:

Therefore Individual Treebraids are nothing more than a Micro Braid, or Medium Micros, except a technique is used to leave some of the 'fake' hair out during the braiding process to give the hair more volume. Depending on the desired volume, Treebraids can be applied to the whole head of hair, to thinning areas, or to the top of the hair. As with the definition of Invisible Braids above, you can also easily imagine that Treebraids can be confused with Invisible Braids too. The edges around the hairline help to differentiate between the two, however. If all you see is a braid from the root of the hair to the end of the braid, it is not Treebraids. If you can barely see the braid, and see a lot of hair mixed it, then it is Treebraids. Here are links to edges installed with Individual Treebraids:

edges 1- wet and wavy treebraids- hair pulled up at the back:

Tree Braids, Interlocking, Lacing?

One and the same thing- no difference in the effect. The technique involved however, is another thing- as different as night and day. Click here and buy human hair supplies.

Tree Braids, Microbraids?

The difference between tree braids and Microbraids? To recap, the difference is in the length of the braid section of the hair. However, Tree Braids add a new twist to the look: a technique that makes the hair look fuller. The texture of human hair that can pull this off very nicely is usually 'wet and wavy' hair textures. If you have any questions about other hair types you may want to use to pull this Tree Braid effect off successfully, please e-mail us at

Kinky Twists

Also known as the two strand twist, or double strand twist, Kinky Twists get their name from the synthetic hair used, which is kinky in texture. Currently, human kinky twists are available that are softer, and yes, more expensive for those who want maleable softness and extra luxury!

Brazilian Knots

Brazilian knots are the longest lasting of all extensions installations. No braids, no glue, no clamps, simply threaded! Installs can be full head, partial, or just a few rows. Sizes available to suite any hair density or goal. Naturalista's can use hair textures similar to theirs, and/ or use a closure piece in front. Healthier than sewins since they can be worn over 3 months. Ask for more details.


With our maintenance plan, Invisible Braids, Tree Braids, Micro Braids, and sometimes Kinky Twists can stay healthy, brand new, and yes...still can turn heads!

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