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Why Buy U-Palmit(tm), a Patented Homeland Security Product?

Dear Customer,

Here on this page we attempt to share with you, our customer, excerpts taken from the Objects and Advantages of our product, U-Palmit™'s awarded patent. We hope you realize how important you are to us when you support us. Did you know for example, that U-Palmit™ is a patented homeland security product? U-Palmit™ has been protecting men, women, and children both at home in the U.S., and overseas. Without further ado, drumroll please.......Objects and Advantages of U.S. national security product, homeland security product, U-Palmit™:


Accordingly, besides the several objects and advantages of my invention described in the above patent, several objects and advantages of the present invention are:

(a) To solve at least five of consumers' concerns which have not been completely solved by existing inventions.

(b) To provide field personnel, including the military with a product, which can be doubled up to cover more specific areas of the hands and feet that need coverage the most.

(c) To provide field and office personnel, including the military, with a product that is smaller, convenient, quick and easy to wear and remove, even in the dark.

(d) To provide office personnel with a product they can wear all year round when the air conditioners are turned on too high for their comfort.

(e) To provide consumers with a new product that looks athletic, is also aesthetically pleasing, and gives them a choice of selection.

(f) To provide consumers with a product that covers more of a palm, a thumb, and the back of a hand.

(g) To provide drivers with a product that prevents both the palm, and ball of the thumb from getting scorched during a period until the steering wheel of a car cools down.

(h) To provide beach goers with an opportunity to preserve their dignity on hot sand, and hot surfaces.

(i) To provide consumers with a product that is comfortable to wear, is one-size-fits-all, and does not restrict with tight finger and toe slots.

(j) To provide an aid to keep the palms and back of a hand clean in a public working and recreational environment.

(k) To provide a product that can maintain and organize small apparel, without contributing to snagging and runs.

(l) To provide a product that is economical and inexpensive.

(m) To provide the consumer with a product that is `no-hassle` to wear, and which can be worn anyhow they want.

(n) Further objects and advantages are to provide a product that saves packing space on trips, is adjustable, has several different functions, saves time and gas money hunting for several different products that have all the functions of the protector and organizer, lends its advantages to conventional hand coverings and protectors, protects both the hands and feet during both hot and cold weather, gives consumers maximum utility, fills an existing market niche, and is strong enough to compete globally..."

U-Palmit™ is a homeland security product dedicated to the protection of men and women of the United States of America and peacable nations at work, in sports and recreation, in homes, and on land, sea, or air. Equally importantly, U-Palmit™ assists the brave men and women who protect and serve our nation that we may continue to enjoy freedom, and our way of life.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our contribution to homeland security, through use of our U-Palmit™'s to make travel plans, wear everywhere you go, and to give them as gifts to loved ones to show you care about them. We at U-Palmit™ look forward to serving you and yours for many years to come.

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