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Fingerless Gloves- The Perfect Gift, U-Palmit(SM)- More Info

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves: get the job done while enjoying personal security and safety. In mvp sports and other contact sports games, at work, out on the town, or just jogging on a trail, U-Palmit™ fingerless gloves / mittens provide warmth and style with the added benefit of security with invisible compartment to store valuables.

Get your very own homeland security item to help you be on 'yellow alert' wherever you are. Fleece gloves available also in lace and other fabrics.

We made homeland security popular 2 years before it was broadcast as a national obligation. Our glove / mittens provide all the necessary precautions so you are covered.

Do you carry valuables on your person? The only way to safe guard them is to have a U-Palmit™ . As a travel companion, a homeland security product and James Bond-like gadget, your fingerless glove is a wallet in disguise. Leave your wallet or handbag at home. 007 always has personal security gadgets to prevent bodily threat, and so should you. James Bond- style fingerless gloves are available in a myriad of hues!

Homeland security starts with you! Here is your ounce of prevention: stay one step ahead of criminals and thieves: don't be a victim by carrying what they look out for: a fanny pack or similar item when jogging, Now more than ever, you should realize that your safety means the safety of you and your loved ones, too. We've given you lots of style and color choices below.

1. Worn over the palm of your hands, U-Palmit™s are stylish, and discreetly get the job done. An average person wears a size M glove.

2. Worn at ankles/under pants/over socks - stylish, discreet. Average person wears a size XL for knees, and XXL for below thigh area.

3. Worn on the upper arm, stylish, and discreet- average person wears a size XXL.

4. Thighlets- worn over the thigh area, and with same double insulation, Thighlets come in sizes XXXL (approximately 18" in total circumference, or 9" across), XXXXL, XXXXXL, and also available in XXXXXXXL.

U-Palmit™, pronounced 'you-palm-it', protects feet and limbs from heat and cold.

Other uses

Worn during recreation, exercising, jogging, at baseball sports and games, football sports and games, travel, soccer sports and games, work, shopping, party. Over gloves / mittens for all sports events, including skiing, and rock climbing, these fingerless Money Gloves™ make you feel secure, like a million bucks, hands free, warm, soft comfort. Leave your wallet and handbag at home. Worn alone, over or under socks with regular shoes or boots. Doubles as fashion toe-less warmers, socks, and anklets, and wallet- hide money and no one will know it's in your Money Glove™ but you, 007 style.

Stretch Fingerless Money Gloves(TM) & Mittens: Sports Gear with Personal Security Compartment- Mens, Womens, by U-Palmit(TM). Stretch fingerless gloves / mittens for active and spectator sports: aerodynamic for ski sports, and sun sports. Gear that has your personal security in mind, whenever, wherever, 24/7. Your favorite Camel color is back! More colors too- check them out here on this page. Other sports buffs wear U-Palmit™s: Offensive linemen, chearleaders. Great for other outdoors and indoor sports too- ask us will you? :)

Great also for classroom wear, office wear, outdoors wear, ravers, party goers, and olympic athletes. Please also check special occasions wear. Orders processed through Yahoo! secure server.

Benefits are obviously endless. For more information please check Info section. Please click on images to enlarge. When will my order ship?