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Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts- Fleece

Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts- Fleece
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Fingerless Gloves- Stretch Fingerless Gloves, Mitts- Fleece

Fingerless Gloves

Fleece fingerless gloves - ski, sun sports gloves for work, play, and sports by U-Palmit(TM) for men and women. Fleece fingerless stretch gloves with hidden compartment. For every day wear, work- offensive linemen, or play: cheerleaders, ski sports, sun sports... so comfy, you'll find a use for them in all your daily activities :). Colors: Red, Wine, Hunter Green, Camel, Black, Olive, Christmas Green, Midnight/Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Charcoal Grey, Acqua Blue, and Acqua Green. Football gear for men and women has personal security protection compartment. Pamper your hands with royal plush fleece, stay warm- gets the job done when it's time for action!

Protection for not only your hands, but your arms and thighs, too:

Fits all your curves, aerodynamic. Sold as a glove with or without a cuff, sold as mittens without a cuff, and as a Sexy Thighlet to wear over the thighs- you get the same ability to hide valuables in them, and keep thighs warm at the same time. All sizes, including size XXXXXXXL available. Mens, Womens sports gloves, Girls, and Boys James Bond style. Don't get caught without it!

Two-way stretch thick polyester fleece. Double-layered. Warm. Also perfect for Dot-Commers/technical workers, avid computer users, students. Great for environments that require you to maintain additional warmth, while standing or sitting for long periods of time, and also where carrying a wallet is inconvenient. This fingerless Money Glove is a hands free wallet in disguise.

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