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Winter Fleece Scarf- DOUBLE THICK, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Long Scarves

Winter Fleece Scarf- DOUBLE THICK, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Long Scarves
Item# COCOOH-DBL-Extra-Wide-Long-Fleece-Scarf
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Product Description

Winter Fleece Scarf- DOUBLE THICK, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Long Scarves
Exceptionally large, extra wide, long fleece scarf, double layered, for extra added protection and warmth. 60 inches long, 12 inches wide- 5ft long x 1ft wide. Colors: Camel- cafe au lait, Navy-blue, Blue, Baby-blue, Charcoal-grey, Light-grey, Yellow, Green, Acqua-green, Acqua-blue, and more.

Perfect for wearing in wintery cold cities like New Jersey, New York, Chicago, and Minnesota. Extra large, long fleece scarf for New Yorkers, Chicagoans, New Jerseyans, all cold and windy cities. Great Fall and Winter scarf. New Charcoal-grey fleece scarves are 61" long... new Camel color is a very light tan- this Cafe-au-lait... the color of a lot of milk poured into a cup of coffee. Enjoy!
  • Great for both indoors and active and spectator sports events
  • Great for swaddling or cocooning an infant or child as a warming blanket
  • Great for walking distances, and between NY/NJ train/bus
  • Great for stabilizing low immune systems due to illness
  • Great with coat and jacket styles that have a 'v' neck opening
  • Makes a great gift
Previous Winters we couldn't sell enough of this Cafe au lait fleece scarf.

Instructions: wrap double-thick fleece scarf around the neck or body (as applicable), seam side toward the neck and body. Next, wrap double-thick fleece scarf around and around, as many times as possible. Enjoy yours, your friends, and family's Winter season 2015.

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