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Dreadlocks Removal in NJ, Dreadlocks Hair Removal, 8-11"

Dreadlocks Removal in NJ, Dreadlocks Hair Removal, 8-11"
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Dreadlocks Removal 8-11":

Whatever the reason a hair style change from dreadlocks is now desired. Dreadlocks removal for dreadlocks eight to twelve inches in length- 8" to 11 inches. For locs longer than that the pricing is a little higher please use any longer dreadlocks removal button on this page. Best professional dreadlocks take down service in area.

Did your loctitian ever shear or trim individual locks during maintenance to make them look neater? You know, the fuzziness? If so, then dreadlocks take down is still possible. Locs, however, will be removed one at a time, the condition will be shown to you, so you have an idea of the condition of your locs before completion of the dreadlock take down/ removal.

If you don't want to remove your locks all in one sitting- several days back to back, and want to schedule for a different day please pay accordingly- eg. in one or two sittings pay half first. In three sittings pay a third first (for loc removals close to 17 to 25 inches long). However, you are more than welcome to do several sittings if you need to. However, not recommended if you have a strict deadline to remove dreadlocks. For deadline oriented clients, please book 2-3 weeks in advance. Does not apply to clients removing dreadlocks all at once.

Enquire about any extra fee for any pick up drop off from rail station.

Also enquire about any extra fee for creating two strand twists (wash, moisturize, twist) after each sitting for dreadlocks removal.

If you don't have that many locs to remove e-mail for a quote:

For an appointment and consultation call:(609) 213-7985.

What are three preferred days and times that work best? Tell us.

Dreadlocks Removal: